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Wow, I just watched a guy lose 10k, holy sh... that's two Vegas trips for us. You almost hit the grand jackpot. Gm great video. Nice hits. Thanks for sharing. Elvis is one cool dude 😎🕺💯💰 🚘. Fun igt play too! 🤔. That naughty Buffalo just wouldn't be nice today,never mind,there's always another day. Other bonus was great. Thanks for posting...

Mental issues! Talking to an inanimate object like it can hear him. Brutal session. Nice wins but I loved love is a battlefield in the background. I just love a noisy. Sooooooo damn close. Would have to had to have a little clean up in my seat after that one lol. Nice video. That play was awesome it was like a championship 12 round boxing match all the way till the Bell ring👍🏼.


Come to CHOCTAW, we have 500 dollar games like neybags and RedRuby Big HOSS. Since you have an EXTREME THIRST for recording the most unbelievable JACKPOTS. COME ON NOW, come on down Brodie👍👍💯. Great Video. Elvis is a Great Guy! Have a Great Weekend Karl.


That was a tough session. I was rootin' for ya.

Cant believe i watched that horrific video