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A comparison of four visual story apps: Choices, Arcana, Lovestruck and Chapters. So I've been thinking a lot on the clockwork city DLC for ESO recently and I don't necessarily think this is the most likely theory but it's been fun to think about. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one (short tl;dr at the bottom. Now obviously the first thing to clear up is that I'll be using 'Numidium' to refer to the concept rather than the construct itself. Both the original and second Numidium were giant brass constructs, however reconstructing Numidium does not necessarily me.

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This is an update to my [previous post comparing visual story apps] comparison_of_four_visual_story_apps_choices/ st=k3mm15q9ampsh=8622be75) but comparing three more apps! Romance Club. Journeys* and of course *Storyscape. These seven games are. Choices: Stories You Play. by Pixelberry Studios (r/Choices. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance.

I've recently been running into CTDs when I try to power attack with weapons that I've enchanted. I've only recently gotten into enchanting after making some skill trees legendary, so I don't know if this has always been a conflict, or if it is actually recent. I've recently added VRIK to my load order. I've used MageVR and Natural Locomotion for the entire play through. I'm just reaching out to see if anyone else has ever experienced this. Any help would be appreciated. Update: than. A comparison of 7 visual story apps: Choices, Arcana, Lovestruck, Chapters, Romance Club, Journeys, and Storyscape. * The Future in a Dream* While Valyria was the greatest city “there is and ever will be” of the known world, many so called dragon riders protected the city. No famous people, just one of the many with no name or special heritage. Not one was remembered by the books of the citadel. They were soldiers. One could only imagine what kind of live they had. Living in the wealthiest city of the world, protecting it, being respected and in company of dragons. And after the doom of Valyria everyone.